Principal’s Message

Education opens our minds, widens horizons and shapes the intellect to become receptive to new learning experiences. Good education nurtures curiosity develops a questioning attitude and fosters a sense of social sensitivity. It is a channel through which society enhances its ability to process information, think critically and transmit knowledge from one generation to another. School should be a place that fashions best educational experiences that equip students with the requisite skills to face life’s challenges and to learn “how to learn”.

I believe that the right school is only the beginning of a lifetime of educational enjoyment. When a child enters a school, it represents a commitment on the part of the school, parent, and student, to good education and a vote of confidence to the school. We value the faith reposed by parents in us and will leave no stone unturned to ensure a positive student, parent and staff involvement to actualize the true potential of our students.

The school has all the state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities which holds great promise to provide holistic education to children by putting equal importance to relationship dynamics between teachers and the taught.

We believe students must compete among themselves for their natural growth. It is our endeavor to transform students in such a way that they are physically fit, mentally resilient, and morally strong and spiritually sound. The fact that we believe that these conditions are the necessary for any child to have holistic growth it will be my endeavor to adopt the modern trends and techniques for setting in a holistic approach for carving out a key to teaching and learning experience.

The aim of Green Valley High School is to open out new vistas of learning, where each student can realize his or her full potential – be it in academic work, sport or other co-scholastic activities. Our teachers will aim at combining the scholastic achievements with the life skills essential for success.

I welcome you all to the Academic Session 2017-18 amidst the nice ambiance and the pristine surroundings of Green Valley High School which are conducive to learning and health benefits. It will be my endeavor to marshal all available resources and mobilize them for the benefit of students, communicate with parents to build a school climate that is open, caring, clean, safe and well-organized.

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