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    1. Academic Programme

      Green Valley is sustaining high academic standards. A comprehensive and balanced curriculum nurtures individual talents of the students and teaches them to relate the experience of the classroom in the world outside. Through challenging academic exercises and intellectual vigor students are trained to become critical and compassionate thinkers.

      Classes I – V:

      Formative years of schooling are critical. We stress on the basic skills. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Discovery, with particular emphasis on nurturing the development of oral skills. Areas of study in these classes are languages (English and Hindi), Mathematics, Environmental Studies (for I to III) General Science & Social Studies (for IV – V) and computer literacy.

      Classes VI – VIII:

      The emphasis is on the integration of Science and Technology bringing Mathematics closer to living and thematic teaching of Social Science. In languages, an emphasis is on enhancing the child’s comprehension, communication skills, and expressive abilities through the focus on careful listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking in a cohesive coherent and lucid manner. The evaluation is in the form of continuous internal testing and summative examinations.

      Classes IX and X:

      Besides developing basic concepts in each area the focus of the CBSE curriculum in this critical preparatory phase is to develop the child’s attitude and aptitude to be a life long learner. The challenge is to sharpen the learner’s ability to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to day to day life situations. Projects and activities are an integral part of the curriculum.

      Learning Areas include:

      • Two languages Communicative English and Hindi (Course B).
      • Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Foundation of Information Technology, Work Experience, Art Education, Physical and Health Education.

      Classes XI – XII:

      The Higher Secondary section having Science and Commerce stream have commenced in the year 2012. School helps students to prepare for competitive examinations like IIT, AIEEE etc. Students have groomed themselves for their future.

      Assessments are regular features and are in accordance with the CBSE Pattern.

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